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KISG (Semi-conductor heater smart griddle)

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KISG Series (Semi-conductor heater smart griddle)

01. What makes INSTEM diferent

  1. Characteristics of an Induction

  2. An induction works when the coil under the upper board receives electric current and allows the induction line to emerge. The induction line than creates the eddy current through the resistant components that are included in the container material on the upper board. The eddy current that the bottom of the container heats only the container itself, creating the inducing heat only for the pot. When the container is lifted, the heating immediately ceases. Using the energy is used only where touched, the product is an environmentally friendly item which boasts 90% energy effciency. Also, it is neat and easy to clean, creates no oxygen consumption or unhealthy gas, and thus is the cooking device of the coming generation.

    - Pleasant environment-friendly

    It is an environmentally friendly product, since it does not release noxious gases or carbon dioxide, and does not pollute or heat up the air inside the building, providing a pleasant culinary environment.

    - More than 90% effciency

    The method of heating only the lower part of the container increases heat effciacy and reduces lost heat, cutting the fuel costs more than 70 %. (Compared to LPG)

    Use of time

    3-pits induction
    (3.3kw x 3ea)

    LPG gas high range

    LNG gas high range

    1 day 8 h


    \ 42,790

    \ 19,080

    1 month

    \ 212,190

    \ 1,283,700

    \ 572,400

    24 month

    \ 2,546,280

    \ 15,404,400

    \ 6,868,800

    Annual loss costs compared to Induction

    \ 12,858,120

    \ 4,322,520

    - Usable for various containers

    Stainless container (Among three bowls, 24 types, and magnetcontaining types), enamel, and other at-bottomed types with cast iron components can all be used.

    - Fast with high re power

    The cooking is fast, and delicate control of the temperature is possible, allowing cooking of savory and healthy food.


    Induction (2.5kw)

    Table gas stove

    Thermal effciency



    Water boiling time

    3 m 9 s

    4 m 50 s

    Cooking time

    Very fast





    Noxious gases



    Vessel restrictions




    Very easy


    - Fuller space and design

    The induction table itself serves as an interior item, adding elegance to the store and kitchen atmosphere.

    - Safer and more convenient

    The upper board is made of ceramic glass, which is easy to clean and does not directly use ame. Also, the various safety devices prevent the possibility of burning.

02. Technology of INSTEM

  1. Technological Distinction

    - Delicate control of the output : 100 levels (0~100%) applied for the rst time in the domestic industry
    - NON DUTY Minimal cost : 150W The lowest in the domestic industry
    - Smallest valid pan diameter : 80mm The lowest in the domestic industry

    - Minimal noise from the fan : Depending on the internal temperature, fan speed can be automatically controlled. First in the domestic industry. (When less than 10% working, fan gets o. Automatic and fast operation only when operating at a high temperature for a long duration.)
    - Quick response : Quick response at the level of gas stove for professional cooks.
    - High credibility : Guarantees the highest credibility through the IGBT phase control with beta arithmetic operation.
    - Container detection system that responds to all SUS : SUS304, SUS430, SUS201
    - Error message memory device : It remembers the error messages that occurred during the operation and can reproduce them during the repairmen.

  2. INSTEM’s competitiveness

    - Strong durability and the best induction technology in the industry.
    - Professional marketing personnel from the restaurant industry.
    - Production of system that meets the customers’ needs.
    - Connection with various dealer companies related to the restaurant industry.

│Product Specification│


KISG 900 / 500


220V~240V, 60Hz


6 Kw , 30A / 3 Kw , 15A


900 x 600 x 200 (W x D x H)
500 x 500 x 200 (W x D x H)


Front control pannel type


User temperature setting type

│Product Characteristics│

  • Usable at main kitchen or instant-cooking halls, allowing simple and various menu and extravagant performance through elegant design and digital electronic control.
  • There are two (KISG900) or one (KISG900) pits, and separate control allows multiple cooking at the same time. Usage of the steel board may cause rusting and need other management. But the improved 409-material stainless results no change of color, is clean, and allows easy management.
  • Made with the heat source of the new material of semi-conductor, and have longevity and less possibility of breakdown. It is 13t thick, and the restitution during the cooking is superb. The board is entirely heated, allowing wider cooking-zone and reducing the disparity of heat.


KISG 018


220V~240V, 60Hz


1.8 Kw , 9A


557 x 302 x 170 (W x D x H)


Top touch screen type


60° Insulation / 170° Cooking

│Product Characteristics│

  • It is a built-in tepayakki griddle with slim and sophisticated luxury design. It allows enjoying various grilling while sitting at a table.
  • The touch-screen enables three simple and ecient maneuvering of power, warming, and cooking. 60 degree warming state and 170 degree cooking state minimizes waste smoke.
  • Created with the heat source with the new material from semi-conductor, and it has longevity and reduced possibility of breakdown.
  • 1.8KW(3.6KW) electronic capability allows quick heating. The steel board does not bend, and has strong restitution and almost no temperature disparity.
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